GNCC 301: Giftings & Roles
Sundays at 10:45am
     Discover how God has gifted you, how you play a crucial role in God's plan to save the world, and how you fit into God's family of families. 

Wednesday Women's Group
Both Quarters: Daniel 1-6: Life of Integrity; Beth Moore
     "Provides a personal study experience five days a week plus group video sessions. A faith-building
     study of prophecy to learn how to live with integrity in today's self-absorbed society."

Wednesday Men's Group
Man Enough; Nate Pyle
     Jesus was the ultimate man. How does Jesus life show men what it looks like to be masculine in today's world? Find out in this excellent men's study

Wednesday Sermon Series Class
The Book of Ephesians
     Dive deeper into our current sermon series on Ephesians on Wednesday nights at 6pm with Anthony Parrott and Brandon Morrow.

Wednesday Winter Schedule
3rd Quarter: January 10 - February 21
No Classes February 14 (Ash Wednesday)
Family Night: February 28

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