We believe that connecting, serving, and growing best happens in the context of community.

On our own, we can only grow so much. But, together? We can take valuable steps towards meaningful connections with each other and a whole new level of purpose and significance in our relationship with Christ. Take a step into a new rhythm of relationships and learning by joining a group.

We offer a variety of groups that meet around our area that we think you could find your fit in. Whether you're on your own, just starting your family, or are long-retired, we know there's a group for you!

Our Missional Communities are dedicated to serving our local neighborhoods in tangible ways. They are mid-sized communities (20+ people) who love to serve, eat, and play together! They meet year-round.

Our Small Groups are closer to 6-12 people in size and tend to meet more seasonally. These groups are perfect if you want to just want dip your toes into what Christian community life looks like.