We Did It!

Well done, everyone! This past Saturday, The Well Food Pantry opened for the first time. We served 9 households, affecting 18 adults and 2 children. This was a perfect start for our first time and we're excited for the growth that will continue from here on. THANK YOU so much for your help in making this happen!

So what's next? Well, a few things. (1) Emily Thompson and Jenessa Amundson are heading to Des Moines this Thursday for orientation of the Food Bank of Iowa. (2) Our pantry space is being inspected this Thursday as well. Once those two things happen, we will be able to purchase food from the Food Bank for 14 cents/pound or less. This will help us provide food for so many more families.

Our next Distribution Day will be in 3 weeks (Saturday, June 6). By then we hope to have a good idea of how the Food Bank purchasing system works and when/where/how we can pick up food. At that point the Gathering and Organization Teams can kick into gear. 

Don't worry, the MCLT will also start planning IN and UP events for the summer. The return of the outdoor movie, boating days, and picnics is close at hand!

If you've yet to sign up for a Food Pantry team, you can do that here.