Baptism is a sign and seal of God's covenant of grace with us and our children. Baptism is the visible word of God that we are cleansed in Christ's blood, buried with him unto death, that we might rise with him and walk in newness of life.

We baptize infants as well as older children and adults. The journey of faith that begins in individual baptism continues in the church community. At Good News baptism is always performed in the context of a congregation of God's people. Baptism is the mark of corporate as well as individual faith. The congregation commits itself to the spiritual nurture of the infant, child, or adult being baptized.

We celebrate infant and child baptisms year-round, while we typically celebrate teen & adult baptisms all together at a Lakeside Baptism Service in the summer. 

Good News Church will have a Lakeside Baptism service on July 21, 2019, at Arnolds Park Beach at 11:00am, following our Sunday morning service.

If you are interested in you or your child being baptized, contact us below to get the process started.

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Is there a preferred Sunday you would like the baptism to be done?
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