Connor and Paul's Bike Ride for Orphans and Widows

Jenni Cunningham, mother of Connor, updates us on Connor and Paul's bike ride.

Over the last two weeks it was shared during announcements about our son Connor and his friend Paul's project to raise money for a house for the James 1:27 Widow and Infant Village in Haiti. The boys and a crew from Good News rode their bikes around West Lake (21 miles) on Sunday, September 21st. Our church wrapped their arms around this mission and helped raise almost $3,000. The boys now have a little over $7,000 to turn in to Global Compassion Network. This $7,000 is enough to purchase one home, ship 10 homes to Haiti, and with a little leftover to go toward a second home.  What a blessing to see our church at work in the world.

Thank you!

The Cunningham's