Welcome to the Brightspots Blog

We believe that stories matter.

Sometimes we can confuse church for archaeology. Archaeology is the skill of seeing ancient artifacts and making educated guesses about the past.

Sometimes church can feel like that. We all have a copy (or five) of an ancient manuscript called the Bible. We dig through it and pull out what seems like fossils of what God used to do, used to be like, used to act like.

This problem can become more emphasized when we begin to make a massive disconnect between that God of the Bible, and this God right now in the present time.

But the good news it that we worship the same God.

We believe that God still acts within His creation to bless His people and to show them His glory. He still moves and acts in grace and love.

But in order to know that, believe that, and trust that, we have to tell those stories. We have to hear and read those stories. Because that is what gives us hope for today and tomorrow and the next.

So this blog will be about the stories. The stories of God who still is loving and gracious and kind; who still changes lives for the better; who still blesses people so that they may be a blessing to the world.

So bring on the stories.