Just to Say Thank You

Kelli Achenbach, administrative and financial assistant at Good News, writes:

A few months ago a woman stopped into the church and asked if she could fill out a Benevolence Request form. She was leaving her abusive husband and needed help with rent and moving as she was relocating out of the area. She was very emotional and told me she didn't know where to turn, but heard from one of her friends that our church might help her. We prayed together and I helped get a food bag to take with her. Our Deacons contacted her and were able to help her.

Last Sunday she was at our church service. She came up to me and gave me a hug and told me she came back to the area just to come to our church service and to thank me and the Deacon who helped her that day. She said she is doing much better and may be moving again to Florida to be closer to her family. She was just so happy and wanted to let us know how thankful she was for us and the help we gave to her when she needed it!

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