Transforming Lives

Written by the Step in Faith Missional Community

Step In Faith Missional Community has partnered with the Community Table at the Okoboji Bible Conference grounds to provide a free meal once a month anyone who would like to attend and eat. They, with the help of others, donate the food, prepare, and serve the meal and then clean up afterwards.

Many lives are being transformed through this process: Step in Faith as they learn to serve as Jesus taught; and the community as a whole as they build relationships with those they serve.

They've been doing this for 6 months and have committed to at least 6 more. Their mission is to build relationships that they may offer the Gospel to those who those who need to hear it either again for for the first time.

As long as I'm alive in this body, there is good work for me to do. Philippians 1:22.

(In Memory of Sally Vander Leest.)