My Pretty Bad Idea

So this past Sunday, I had what I thought was a pretty good idea.

I knew that we would be introducing The Story to the GNCC congregation during the worship service. I also knew that we'd be doing pre-orders on the books and figuring out people's interest in groups and the material. My "pretty good idea" was that I - by myself, alone - would be the one at the signup table so I could meet everyone who was interested myself.
That was the bad idea.

I felt like Lucy Ricardo trying to package up an infinite amount of chocolate on a conveyer belt that wouldn't stop. The amount of people signing up for books and materials was just intense! 

Obviously this is a good problem.

We are so glad to already hear your commitment to reading The Story, joining groups, and discovering how your story fits into God's Story. Dozens of you have already made the commitment to read The Story from September through May.

I wanted to let you know that right now we have a variety of classes, small groups, and Missional Communities that are meeting throughout the week to learn about The Story. 

If you aren't part of a group already, or haven't taken the chance to join one, I want to encourage you to do that today.

All of the groups meeting days, times, and places are available at our fancy-schmancy new groups website, where, with a click of button, you can join one of our groups. 

If you pre-ordered a book, they will be packaged up for you and ready to go at the Tabernacle this Sunday. If you need to pick one up still, they will be there available for purchase!

Make the commitment to read The Story. Join a group. Have your life changed.