XSeed: A Growing Capacity for the Kingdom

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and all of these things will be added to you.” // Matthew 6:33

  • 5 recent baptisms.
  • Two great services.
  • The upcoming KidZone.
  • The Tabernacle.
  • Kaden’s Kloset.
  • Missional Communities.
  • Community Table.
  • Mazatlan Missions Team.
  • Wednesday Night Reunion.
  • Our Prayer Room.
  • Celebrate Recovery.

Those are just the quickest things I could think of when I considered what it meant to, “seek first the Kingdom,” or what it means to follow Jesus and grow in His Kingdom. Those are tangible expressions of what it means to lay down our desires and pursue wholeness in Christ’ name.

Good News is a church that passionately pursues the ways of Jesus, and in doing so, the Lord honors His promises generously. Weekly, I hear the stories of life change, healing, prayers answered, and so many reasons to celebrate the goodness of what God is doing through His Son. We’ve exhibited what faithfulness looks like in our denomination, and within our region. Even more than that, the Lord demonstrates His faithfulness. Several times, even in my relatively new start, I’ve found myself speechless at the Lord and His sheer awesomeness, having to almost reel my jaw up from the floor.

We’re entering into a time and season of increased faithfulness. We understand clearly the demand before us: the evangelization and discipling of the nations (Acts 1:8, Matt 28:19-20, Mark 16:15). That looks like a huge mission, but there’s one thing I’m 100% confident in: the Lord’s faithfulness to see that through. It is by His absolute power and authority that the nations will bow, by His sovereignty that many will accept the nudges of the Holy Spirit’s prompting, and through Him we will see the restoration of all things. I’ve never been more confident in God’s faithfulness.

God is unrelenting in answering His promises.

We can grow in faithfulness.

Yup! We’re a growing congregation that demonstrates obedience to the Lord, but oh, how much more we could be faithful, oh, how much more we could demonstrate our obedience, and oh, how much more we could lean on the integrity of God and His capacity to exceed our expectations.

Just as the Lord exceeds our expectations in His generosity, we want to exceed our capacity for that to. This December, we’re asking you, Good News Community Church, to give over $150,000.00 during the month of December. Our generosity, and capacity to give is rooted in acts of worship that stand in reflection of how much we know God to have given us. Let me remind you of this: He gave you everything.

Why $150,000.00? Throughout a typical month, we receive somewhere in the range of $45-55,000.00, and it’s worthy celebrating that in years past Good News is able to increase its’ stellar giving in December by an additional $40,000.00+, pushing us towards the $80-90,000.00 range at December end. We praise God for that!

By giving a total of $150,000.00 in the month of December, we’re asking the Lord to ramp up His promises, trusting that we’ll be prepared for His goodness.

An additional $60-70,000.00 does this:

  • Helps prepare the way for a full-time Worship Director in the Spring. Currently we have around 800 people who visit us throughout a given month.

  • Increases our capacity to reach more children in the name of Jesus as we can exceed our plans for the KidZone, and a budding Sunday morning children’s experience. We experience over 150 different kids throughout a month.

  • Funds a growing (35+ people) Celebrate Recovery ministry where people are being freed from addictions, and equipped to lead others. Celebrate Recovery is outgrowing their current meeting space.

  • Grows our global footprint in Global Missions in areas like Mazatlan, Mexico and beyond. In 2017, Good News sent 12 missionaries for boots-on-the-ground missions. We have an interest list of 30+ people for our next trip.

$150,000.00 is not a large amount in the eyes of the Lord, but it is a monumental step for Good News as we grow together in planting seeds of faith, and trusting in the Lord’s faithfulness. This amount is just the tip of what we believe God can do.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • Pray. Ask God how you need to exceed your current giving and faith to meet the expectations of His Kingdom.

  • Dig deep. The greatest reflection of worship, as it pertains to what God has done, is when worship costs us something. May we grow in our worship from a place of sacrifice.

  • Give. We don’t exercise our obedience in the hopes of seeing God’s faithfulness without action. We can’t have the second step (the revelation, the beauty), without taking the first (faith, trust).

We’re praying for many exciting things this December and beyond! We can’t wait for you to partner with us as we see how the Lord exceeds our expectations and grows our capacity for His Kingdom.

With Love,

Brandon Morrow, Lead Pastor