Pastoral Transition Update - We're Live Folks!

We know that many of you have been asking about how the pastoral transition and search is going. We haven't said much because there hasn't been much to tell - until now!

You may remember that in March a representative from Slingshot Group came and met with Pastor John, our staff, and our hiring team in order to get to know GNCC, our region, vision, and culture. From those meetings, Slingshot put together an extensive profile of our church, our area, as well as a job description for our next lead pastor.

When we read the first draft of that profile, the hiring team said aloud - "We want to be part of that church!" It was so encouraging to have an outside ministry professional come to our church and note how Spirit-filled and healthy our church leadership and congregation is. We are especially grateful to Pastor John Messer for his role in preparing our church for a healthy transition.

Anyway, the good news is that the search is now on! Slingshot, on behalf of GNCC, is now searching nationally for our next Pastor of Vision, Teaching, and Leadership. The church and job description is live at their website.

This is now a time where we wait and we pray. Slingshot will now take the many dozens of applicants and prayerfully bring that down to a reasonable number of candidates for GNCC's hiring team to do a first round of interviews with. Slingshot estimates that it will be around 2 months before we begin to receive names for our first interviews. So be in prayer for the representatives of Slingshot, those applying, and our own congregation as we eagerly await God's plan to unfold.

If you know of someone who should apply, please be sure to send them to Slingshot's website (or the "Hiring" tab at since Slingshot will be doing all initial screening and interviews. 

We will let you know when we receive our first set of candidates to interview and any updates along the way. 

We actively and eagerly await God's plan together.

Anthony Parrott (on behalf of the Hiring Team)
Transition Leader
Good News Community Church