Hiring Updates

Lead Pastor Update
Over the past 3 weeks, we have been receiving applicants for the position of Lead Pastor of GNCC. We're excited to let you know that in such a short period, over 70 qualified folks have applied, and the amazing team at Slingshot Group have prayerfully discerned that list to (currently) 6. Those 6 have already been thoroughly vetted, interviewed, and prayed over by Slingshot. They have now turned over their names and candidate profiles to the hiring team here at Good News.

Your hiring team has been carefully reviewing each candidate profile and will begin initial interviews quickly. They are excited about the list of candidates--qualified candidates from across the country with experience in leadership, teaching, discipleship, and missional outreach. 

Please continue your steadfast prayers for the hiring team, Slingshot, as well as our candidates as they enter into the interview process with us. Pray that God's will would be made clear; that everyone would have discerning minds and hearts; and that we are open to where the Spirit is leading us next.

Worship Director Update
As you know, I transitioned from the Worship Director of GNCC to Community Formation Director last fall. Since then, our worship team has been shepherded by a remarkable group of leaders: Lisa Drost, Carry Miller, and Jon Miller. The worship team as a whole has been leading us week after week by providing our congregation with catalytic experiences with God. 

We recognize two things about the worship ministry: first, that this amazing team has been 100% volunteer led; and secondly, that they need leadership energy poured into them in order to continue forward with excellence. We've been caught in an in-between place, however, recognizing the need for worship leadership, but also knowing that we were in the middle of a hiring process for a lead pastor.

With all that in mind, the Leadership Team of GNCC has approved a full-time, temporary (four-months) worship director position beginning as soon as possible. We think a full-time temporary position will allow us to continue to offer great worship experiences each Sunday while we engage in outreach and evangelism at the Tabernacle; and also give our future lead pastor the flexibility necessary in making staffing choices moving forward. 

A hiring team comprised of Annette Bernier (elder), Carol Keizer (deacon), Lisa Drost (worship leader), Jesse Orttel (member-at-large), and myself has already been working in putting together a job description and application which we will be sending out to local Christian colleges and qualified candidates we are already aware of. We will let you know once the job posting is live, if you are aware of any candidates you would like to send that direction! 

I personally want to thank this congregation for their exceptional character and behavior during this time of transition. Many congregations see a slump during pastoral transitions--but not you! Engagement, giving, and service in and outside of the church has been on the rise. The church is not a phone number to call during office hours; it's not an address--it's you all! And you have been revealing Christ's character during this time. Thank you. 

Peace to you all,

Anthony Parrott
Community Formation Director & Transition Leader