Prayerful Dependence and Giving


Every December we ask you to remember Good News as you prepare for year-end gifts, and each time you miraculously show up. Last year in the month of December we received almost $115,000.00 that helped launch us into 2018 -- which, by the way, was the most generous December ever in the history of our church.

You may not know it, or maybe haven’t realized it fully, but we’re a growing congregation (generosity, attendance, membership, baptism, ministry influence, missional communities, etc...) with growing needs. This past year has just been a year of immense faithfulness from our great God, a real reminder of how awesome He is, and how much He continues to do for us, His children.

As we look into 2019 we have no reason not to expect more of God’s faithfulness for us as a congregation. We’re entering into 2019 with a prayerful dependence that He’ll keep showing up in ways that only He can show up. Would you consider joining us in preparing for whatever it is that God has for us?

This December we have two goals: 25 New Online Regular Givers and $125,000.00, which will allow us to say yes to all of the amazing things that God has in store for us. These two goals allow us to enter 2019 confidently, with an increased base of support for continued ministry. How many more people will be added to our fold as they experience their salvation and new life in Jesus? How many more people will say yes to joining Jesus in the work of renewal at Good News? How will the Spirit work in our hearts in these next months?

This is our work of prayerful dependence as a congregation: “God, do anything you want. Amen.” If that prayer is true, and which it should be, there is no limit to what our God can do.

Because He Lives,

Dr. Brandon Morrow, Lead Pastor

You can give the following ways: Online, Check by Mail, Sunday Offering, Stocks, Planned and Estate Giving