Thank you for donating to the ministries of Good News Community Church. When you click GIVE NOW, you'll be taken to a secure giving page where you can designate how much to give; setup recurring giving; designate which funds you want to support; and setup your preferred payment method (credit, debit, or ACH).

You can also click GIVE NOW and then click the login link on the top of the page to manage your donor account in the future.


The fastest and easiest way to give is through a debit or credit card. But you should know that, just like using a credit card anywhere else, it costs GNCC a fee to accept that payment (around 2%). 

If you want your donation to have the absolute maximum impact, you can give through ACH (essentially directly moving funds from your bank account to ours). However, if you don't use a large, national bank, this is a multi-step, multi-day process to set up. 

You can read about the entire process here, but essentially it requires 4 steps.

  1. If you don't use a large national bank, when you choose a payment method on our giving page, you'll chose "micro-payment verification" and enter in your bank account's account number and routing number. You won't be able to give the day you set it up. But don't worry - you'll be up and running soon!
  2. You'll receive email instructions - don't trash this email. It has a link you'll need in a few days! 
  3. You're bank account will receive two tiny transactions in a day or two (under $1 total). You'll click on the link in the email mentioned above to go to your donor profile. There you will "Verify" your bank account by entering in the amounts of each transaction.
  4. You can then go back to the GIVE NOW link on this page, setup your donation, and your bank will now show up as an available payment method.

If at any point in the process you need help, feel free to give us a call at 712.332.5698. Ask for Kelli or Anthony.