The Grace Scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis to deserving applicants affiliated with Good News Church who are, or will be pursuing a 4-year degree at accredited institutions.

Graduating high school students who will be attending a 4-year undergraduate college or university, who have been involved with Good News Community Church for at least two years (2) prior to the application deadline of March 15th each year.

To apply, please fill out the attached application form, and send in the following materials
no later than 4:00pm on March 15, 2020, to:

c/o Good News Community Church
PO Box 197
Okoboji, Iowa 51355

1. A 300-500 word essay on "How receiving a Grace Scholarship is an investment in God's Kingdom."
2. A copy of your high school transcript.
3. A copy of your ACT (or SAT) scores.
4. Two (2) written recommendations. One from a teacher/counselor and one from a ministry leader, and should include answers to the following questions:
     a) What is outstanding about this student that makes you believe he/she should receive a Grace Scholarship?
      b) What do you believe may be this person's significant contribution, academically or personally, to the community and world?
5. Provide a statement detailing your involvement with Good News Community Church.

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